The Arab Accounting Program

The first Arab accounting program has been launched that contains all the tools and supplies that an accountant needs in his day-to-day accounting work, starting with managing employees ’salaries and wages and passing through the management of weekly, monthly and annual expenses as well, in addition to calculating costs, paying bills, managing products and goods, and much more.

Why Pulse For Sales ?

Find out how Pulse Sales helps you run your business

Pay Bills

The technical support team is ready to answer your consultation via email or phone around the clock. The team will help you solve the problems you may encounter and make sure you have a great experience for a while.

User management

You can control your users, by deleting them or adding a new user to work with you or to carry out a task.

Economical and Economical

This is one of the economic programs that do not cost you a lot of money to participate in, but rather it is low-cost, and high-performance.

Monitor products

The program provides you with a simple and easy interface in order to monitor and manage products in terms of the number of sales, and the number of remaining products.

With constant updates

The program is highly secured and protected, meaning that it is not vulnerable because it is prepared with the best form of protection and authentication.

Speed of performance

We thank you that this program has been prepared in the best way to be fast in performance and light while browsing so it meets high speed and responds in the least time

About our program

Keep track of the statistics

This program enables you to track the numbered statistics and clarify all issues related to the management of expenses, goods, etc., through which explanatory tables are presented to facilitate the process of tracking transactions, expenses, total invoices, what was paid and what remained, in short, it is a program that enables you to track the course of events

Expense management

It is worth noting that this program helps you in managing expenses, that is, it records everything that has been spent accurately and carefully, as it records any stage of the expense, something that actually contributes to managing your weekly, monthly and even annual expenses, and this will help you a lot in knowing the size of the expense that you It was spent during a certain period of time, whether in: food expenses, payment of bills, installment expenses, etc., is not this wonderful? Yeah!

Sales Administration

Sales management is an important part in commerce or in the business cycle of an organization, whether you sell specific services or products, as the net sales during the sale of certain products or specific services result in a profit and thus stimulate the majority of businesses, so this program helps you in managing Your sales with high efficiency, ease and flexibility in performance and handling.

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