Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the Nabd Al Nizam Foundation for Information Systems Technology: -

In order for customers to know how the system pulse site & nbsp; maintains all their personal information that they provide to the site, in this case they must read the terms in this policy and agree to them so that they can register on the site and so that the site can protect Their data, and the terms of the privacy policy of the Nabed Al-Nizam Foundation website are represented in the following terms: -

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1- The data requested by the customers website of the Pulse of the Order for Information Systems Technology: -

A- The site requests some personal data from customers and this data is such as the full name, email, mobile number, company or institution name, a password that the customer enters, data of the payment method that the customer will deal with on our site, and any other data you see Managing our site it is necessary for the customer to provide it.

B- The customer requests some data from clients when they want to communicate with the site.

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2- The responsibility of the customer towards the site of Nabed Al Nada for Information Systems Technology: -

The customer creates a personal account on our site and puts his own password in it that only the customer himself knows, so the customer will be fully responsible for the safety of his account and his profile on our site and even for the safety of the data in his account on our site, because the customer revealed his password from This could cause damage to his account on our site, so we advise the customer not to disclose the password to any other person so as not to cause harm to his account.

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3- Clients financial rights on the Nabd El Nizam website: -

We keep all financial transactions that take place between us and customers in strict confidentiality, and we do not sell, rent or provide any party with information about the payment methods of customers.

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4- Dealing with third parties: -

A- The Pulse of the System website deals with some third parties who send the most important offers, special advertisements and promotional messages to our valued customers, and it is also possible that these third parties may be provided with some personal customer data.

b- It is also possible for our site to contain links to other parties or advertisements in specific places on our site, and when the customer click on the links to third-party websites that cooperates with us, he must read the terms of use and privacy policy of this site so that they can know how they deal With these sites and they know how these sites use their personal data, and our privacy policy applies only to the site’s customers and does not apply to third-party sites, which we do not have any control over what they offer or their sites contain.

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5- Those who have the right to see the customers personal data on the Nabd Al-Nizam website: -

A- Our website does not sell or rent any customer data to any other party, and the site also does not provide customer data to any other party, and only government or judicial agencies can see the data in the event that those authorities request that, and some third parties can See personal customer data.

b- Customers personal data is seen by specific people and they are authorized to see this data by the site’s management, and this data is seen and used in compliance with laws and without causing any harm to any customer.

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6- Pulse El Nemme's website uses for clients personal data: -

Pulse Al Nuzam Foundation website uses customer personal data in order to be able to assist customers in several matters, namely: -

A- To be able to answer clients inquiries and requests.

B- Being able to send special offers and discounts suitable for website customers.

C - being able to send this data to the competent government agencies or the judicial authorities in the event that those authorities request to see the clients data after obtaining a court ruling on that.

D- so that we can improve and develop our website in the way that customers wish and the site management wants.

E - We store and use customer data for our own marketing purposes.

J - for any other matters that occur on the System Pulse Foundation website & nbsp; that need to use the customers personal data.

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7- Protecting customer data on the Nabd Al Nizam website: -

The Pulse System website follows all appropriate procedures and measures in order to ensure the protection of customer data in line with best practices and global procedures followed in data protection, and the site does not use customer data except within the permissible range and it is necessary on the site to use that data in order to achieve the maximum Benefit for customers from the site and so that we can develop our site in the way that customers desire.

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8- Rights of the Nabd Al Nizam Foundation website: -

We reserve the right to make any modifications, additions, or changes to the privacy policy of the Pulse Al-Nim Organization website, and all customers dealing with us must follow this policy periodically so that they can know any additions, modifications, or changes made by the site administration , Because when the site administration publishes this policy with new content or after modifying it, it will become effective and applied to all customers, and all customers must adhere to this policy.

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9- Contact us: -

We strive to provide a unique experience for all customers, so we welcome all customer inquiries at any time they want to inquire about anything mysterious to them. We are also happy to receive customer inquiries or questions regarding any item related to this policy.