Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the website System Pulse for Information Systems Technology :-

We ask all customers to read the terms and conditions of the Pulse of the System website very carefully before starting the registration process on the site because violating these conditions exposes the violating user to ban, freeze or permanently suspend his account on our site, and this therefore means his inability to deal with the site Or subscribe to the packages that he offers, and the special terms and conditions on the site of Pulse System for Information Systems Technology consisting of the following terms: -

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First: Conditions for registering for the Pulse System website: -

1- The customer who wants to participate in the packages offered by our site must be at least 18 years old in order to be able to register on our site, and he must provide the site with all documents proving his age in order to be able to deal with us.

2- All data provided by the customer to the system pulse & nbsp; website must be completely correct and review it more than once to ensure that it is correct and accurate before it is delivered to the site.

3- The client must have the full and legal ability to contract with us and that when he is contracting with us, he must not be in violation of any law or contract.

4- The customer must provide our website with an active payment method, and this method is among the payment methods available on the site.

5- The customer must have read the terms and conditions, agreed to them and committed themselves after violating them.

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Second: General terms for System Pulse for Information Systems Technology : -

1- Registration of the client on the site of the Pulse of the System & nbsp; and providing him to the site with all the data requested by him. This is considered an acknowledgment by the customer that he has read the terms of the site and is committed to them, because the customer’s failure to agree to the site’s terms or one of these conditions will make him unable to register Site, or even access to it or use its services, and we ask him to exit the site immediately.

2- The Nabd Al-Nizam Foundation website has the full and absolute right to implement any amendments, changes, or additions to its terms and conditions, or until the site management temporarily suspends its services at any time the site’s management believes that there is a necessity and a need to do so without Returning to the customer, so customers must see the site terms page from time to time to learn about any modifications, changes or additions made to this page because once the terms and conditions are published with the new content, they will become effective and all customers must abide by them.

3- The site can send promotional or advertising messages expressing offers, discounts, or anything we would like to inform you of through your e-mail registered with our site.

4- No client shall violate the rights of third parties or offend these parties in any way.

5- The customer must acknowledge that he will not introduce any malicious programs or viruses or do any harm to the system pulse institution website while using the site, and whoever does any of these aforementioned matters will take all legal measures against him that protect our site and punish the violating user .

6- The site has the right to change or add new payment methods to the site without restriction to inform or notify the user of this when the site’s management implements that.

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Third: Conditions for dealing with the Nabd al-Nizam Foundation website: -

1- In the event that the customer encounters any problem with the site, he must go immediately and write to the technical support of the site to solve his problem as soon as possible, and in the event that this problem cannot be resolved through technical support, the customer must submit to and comply with the laws governing these cases and applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2- The System Pulse Foundation website can send a notice to the customer inside the site or even send a notice to the customer on his e-mail registered on the site.

3- It is possible to request a refund of the funds paid for the subscription within a period of 30 working days from the withdrawal of the amount, and it is not possible to request a refund of the amounts paid for the subscription after the expiration of the period of 30 working days, and the customer can make a decision to subscribe or not, during the trial period only. < / p>

4- The customer must acknowledge that he is responsible in case he violates any of the terms of the site or violates the rights of third parties, and the customer will bear full responsibility as a result of doing so.

5- The customer can choose the appropriate package on the site, whether it is a trial or paid package, which is available on the packages page.

6- Our site must be used for a reasonable, correct and legal use that does not violate the laws or violate the Islamic Sharia.

7- The customer must fully acknowledge our right to preserve all transactions that take place between the Pulse of the System website and the site’s clients.

8- The customer must provide the system pulse site with all the data he needs from him, for example the full name, e-mail, mobile number, and the means of payment that the customer wishes to deal with in order to purchase the appropriate package for him on the site and any other data that the customer needs from the site. The customer must be It is committed to providing it to the site.

9- The site administration has the right to amend or cancel this agreement at any time it wants without the need to return to customers to inform them of that.

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Fourth: Conditions for dealing with third parties cooperating with it by the Pulse of the Order website: -

1- It is possible that the Pulse of the Order website contains links to the websites of third parties cooperating with them, and this cooperation requires that these parties send offers and advertisements and display their products to the site's customers.

2- All customers must read the privacy policies and terms of use of these sites before dealing with them, because the Pulse of the Order website has no control or control over these sites because it is possible that they collect data about you without obtaining your consent for doing so. .

3- These parties cooperating with them must not be offended or their rights violated by the site's clients.

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Fifth: Cases in which the contract between the client and the System Pulse Organization website is terminated: -

1- The customer's violation of the site’s terms or one of its terms, or the customer’s violation of the site’s rights.

2- If the customer offended the site or committed abuse to one of the subscribers on the site.

3- For any other reasons, according to what the site management deems appropriate in the size of the violation committed by the client.

4- If the client attempts to tamper with our website or cause harm to him, then his account will be permanently suspended.

& nbsp; 5- The customer will not be compensated for the subscription he paid to the site in the event that his contract is terminated due to his violation among the aforementioned violations.

6- The site administration is not obligated to send a notice to the client informing him that his contract will be terminated.

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Sixth: Disclaimer: -

1- Our website does not bear any responsibility as a result of a loss of profits for a customer or damage to him as a result of his use of the site, and our site will not pay any compensation to any customer who suffered damage while using our site.

2- The customer is solely responsible for providing him with inaccurate or incorrect data for the Pulse of the System website, and no liability falls on our website as a result of the customer doing so.

3- The system pulse site does not bear any responsibility as a result of a malfunction of the site for reasons beyond the control of the site and this led to the suspension of its services for a period or damage occurred to a customer as a result of this failure, and the site management will try to fix this malfunction as soon as possible from During the assignment of the competent employee to fix this malfunction as soon as possible.

4- We disclaim our full responsibility in the event of a breach of our site that results in disclosure or leakage of customer data to any other party, and we disclaim our responsibility in the event that customer data appears on any other site and this results because of a breach of our site.

5- We completely disclaim our responsibility in the event that our site is exposed to any technical failure, service interruption, or technical failure that results in damage to any customer on the site when he subscribes to the packages offered on our site or when he uses our site in general, and we will not pay any compensation as a result This damage is because it occurred for reasons beyond our control, but we will instruct the competent employee to repair this malfunction as soon as possible.

6- We disclaim our responsibility in the event that damage occurs to a customer as a result of an error, misunderstanding, or wrong interpretations regarding the program, institution, or services provided by the site.


Seventh: Intellectual rights and copyrights for the website of Nabed Al-Nizam Foundation for Information Systems Technology : -

1- It is prohibited for any person to copy or paste anything owned by Nabed Al-Nizam website, including the use or re-use of any content, text or pictures of the site, and whoever does any of the aforementioned things & nbsp; The management of the site will take all legal measures against this person who did such violations.

2- It is forbidden for anyone to copy or paste the idea of ​​the site or copy, paste or modify the information or content of the institution, and it is also prohibited for anyone to take the idea of ​​our program and reuse it again, and whoever does such things will be Taking all legal measures against him by the administration of Pulse Al-Nizam Foundation for Information Systems Technology.

3- The Nabd Al Nizam Foundation website exclusively and fully owns its own trademark that explains the services it provides, and if anyone wants to use this mark for any purpose, he must submit a request to obtain a written and sealed approval from the site administration To use his trademark.